Upcoming Events & Announcements

Meeting Schedule Announcements

OUTREACH: Regular Friday Night Group
Outreach Committee Meeting Support

Hot Potting & Hike
UWANA Activites Event

hotpotting 420

Corn Hole & Pie in the Face
URICNA Fundraiser

uricna fundraiser

Upcoming Service Committee Meetings

Murder Masquerade Dinner Party
Presented by Lakeside Area

lakeside mask

Upcoming Service Committee Meeting

Vision Boards, Speakers, & Refreshments
Presented by the Utah NA Women's Retreat

lakeside mask

Memorial Day BBQ
Presented by the Second Chance Group

memorial bbq

4th Annual Men's Campout
Presented by the Grateful Men's Meeting

mens campout

9th Annual UWANA Campout

uwacna campout

Service Announcements